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V. Philadelphia, 1974-1991: Emergence of a personal iconography.

23 Lunar Eclipse

24 Abstraction With X, 1983

25 Four Circles and Ribbons, c. 1982 and 1993

26 Black Kaleidoscope, 1993

The move back to Philadelphia in 1974 after more than a decade of discovery and exploration initiated a long period of retrenchment and introspection and revisiting of traditional materials and earlier abstractions, as in Lunar Eclipse. He still experimented with mixed media; Abstraction with X, which includes paper, metal foil, and dead leaves. Juicy surfaces of early abstractions are generally abandoned in favor of other means of application of color in ribbons, mosaic tesserae, or confetti dots. He played with formal elements of design, like the interplay of circles and squares. In Four Circles and Ribbons, a painting begun in Philadelphia, circles interlock within a square format, the space reserved between them marked with a cross with a bright red dot at dead center. Nothing could be more formal, but the ribbons of secondary colors negate the rigidity and play on the surface to create a harmonious tapestry. The confetti dot clusters may be added later in Woodstock, as well as the central markings, 77 and 7. Are these simply marks, or do they celebrate the Drakes' 25th wedding anniversary in July of 1977? Laminated Circles and Squares is further reduced to structure by the elimination of color and deals only with surface texture and the play of implied shallow space.